The next generation

As we approach what would have been Steven’s 29th birthday, I can’t help but wonder "what might have been.” Every parent hopes for a lifetime of health and happiness for their children. My dreams for Steven were no different. However, his sarcoma diagnosis (DSRCT) changed everything. As Steven reflected on his life during his final days, he expressed such sadness that he would never have the opportunity to become a husband and a father. It was absolutely heartbreaking to witness.

As so many of Steven’s friends are becoming parents now, I can’t help but look at these children and think that they have the right to grow up in a world without sarcoma. They deserve the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. These parents deserve to watch their children become adults, one day attending their graduations and weddings, not their funerals.

I buried a piece of myself with Steven. No parent should ever have to endure that type of pain and heartache.

It is my dream, and the dream of The Steven Vanover Foundation, to eliminate sarcoma. I cannot explain the helplessness and frustration of watching your child dying from a disease without a cure. Please help us find a cure! By raising awareness and funding cancer research, we can give children the opportunity to grow up in a world without sarcoma. I know Steven is proud of what the Steven Vanover Foundation has accomplished so far. But we are not done yet. As a fighter himself, Steven would want us to continue to fight harder for a cure. Together we can make a difference!

Brenda Vanover1 Comment