One Shining Moment

College basketball is at the hearts of many around the city of Louisville and in the state of Kentucky, especially so during March Madness. While we cheer our teams to victory or are humbled by the depths of defeat, I will always associate this time of the year with Steve.

I had the privilege of having UofL student season tickets next to Steven for more than three years. The Cards were cheered for. The refs were yelled at. The opposing teams were booed. “Coldies” were consumed. Dance moves were busted out just to get on the “Dance Cam.” And, most consistently, Steve always showed up at the seats exactly right at tip-off. Hey – can’t blame a guy for maximizing tailgating time.

For many of our friends, Steve was at the center of our best college memories. Steve’s personality was absolutely gravitational. You wanted to share in experiences with him. He made you laugh. He made you smile. And he still does.

In 2012, the Cards made their run to the Final 4 in New Orleans. We may have been seniors and in the middle of term projects and exams, but like everyone we knew, we weren’t missing the opportunity to go. Somehow, our crew got floor seats to the game…okay…I’ll admit…it isn’t a mystery…many of us skipped class to be sure we were the first ones logged in to sign up for tickets. It’s okay, Mom & Brenda – we still graduated.

Our Cardinal hearts broke a little after that game. UofL lost to UK. And UK went on to win the National Championship. This should be something I want to forget. Something I dread to remember.

But it’s the complete opposite. I smile about it every time. It’s one of my favorite memories. Because we were with each other. We were with Steve. And so it is, Steve will continue to be with all of us through the experiences shared and memories created. And those memories last well beyond March. 

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