Spending the summer with the ones you love

Summers with Steven were filled with fishing, swimming, coldies, laughter, and fun. We used to spend days together at our family lake house basking in the sun, fishing, and enjoying cold beverages. Steven was always up for a fun time and always willing to put in the extra effort to make sure a day fishing was not just a day of throwing our lines in the water over and over again, but a day spent together. 

As Steven’s cousin and fraternity brother, I had the privilege of growing up with him, living in the same house as him in college, taking unforgettable spring break trips with him, and spending the best summers of our lives together. He was the life of the party, lighting up our lives with music, creativity, inclusivity and love. Steven had the ability to bring us all together. A simple day fishing would turn into a family fish fry with Steven breading and frying the catches of the day to include everyone in the fun. 

Now, even though Steven is no longer physically with us, he still brings us together for events throughout the year, such as Spike Out Sarcoma, which is coming up in August. I know he would be so proud to know we are still coming together for him, and for the purpose of finding a cure for Sarcoma. With your help and support, we can continue contributing to sarcoma research and help others have more unforgettable summers with the ones they love. We hope to see you at Spike Out Sarcoma on August 10, 2019. 

Until then, I would like to leave you with this poem my wife wrote for Steven during his last days to capture some of our best days.

With tough feet of leather
he walks along the rocks
continuously checking the lines
he's casted from the dock
a bobber goes down
there's a fish on the line
Steven yells, "Trina! Reel that one in!"
just in time
he does the work
but lets me claim the catch
typical Steven, 
good looks and a heart of gold to match

Our days at Spooky Hollow
are second to none
we listen to music
while basking in the sun
great friends, laughter,
fishing and cold beer
this may just be the best day all year

Steven, our miracle, cousin,
brother, and best friend
it seems our time together on this earth
is coming to an end

I'm angry, confused,
devastated, and sad
but so unbelievably grateful 
for the amazing days we have had

I want you to know
everything you have done for me
you have taught me of love, laughter, 
courage, and simply how to be
you have been a best friend to my husband 
and will still be Uncle Steven to my children
you have shown me how to build,
think creatively,
and make dreams come true
not a day will go by that I won't be
thanking and thinking of you
you encourage me to sing
and always speak my mind
and that I can still win
even if I feel as though I've fallen behind
you inspire me to live
and not take a single breath for granted
to have fun, take risks, 
and always keep my feet planted

While our time seems to be fading
we still have today
so let's make a plan, 
what do you say?
meet me on the dock at Spooky
you'll know I'm there when I call out your name
I may not see you
but I know you'll be there all the same
we'll pop open a beer
I'll catch you up on anything you may
have missed
you can even help Jimmy
reel in a fish
we'll walk on the rocks
swim in the lake
lay in the sun
and discuss the next project we will make
I'll sing a few songs
you'll know they're for you
and Jimmy, well, he'll sing along too

Steven I want you to know
that we love you so much
and it's ok to let go
you will always be with us
we will always be with you
and when the time comes
that my days on this earth are through
I'll take comfort knowing
I'm coming home to you

Jimmy Kaufman